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Access this quickstart tutorial to get started with evaluating or using the GFW API. While the tutorial does not provide best practices in respect to web development, it does represent a quick demonstration that should be widely accessible. 

One goal of the tutorial is to introduce some key concepts regarding how information is structured in API responses. While information in the API responses may be useful on its own, a key benefit is how well it integrates with other technologies including visualization libraries such as Vega and web maps like Leaflet or those from Mapbox. 

Mapbox GL JS is used in the tutorial as the visualization outlet for the information returned by the API.

Over the course of this tutorial you will develop a simple web application that is capable of:

  • Interacting with the HTTP-based API to retrieve this information using the /dataset endpoint.
  • Displaying raster tiles in a web map run by Mapbox GL JS.
  • Showing metadata about the raster dataset being displayed.