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The map & dashboards on GFW allow you to explore hundreds of spatial datasets that help explain when, where and why forests are changing around the world.

The map helps tell a visual story about what’s happening to forests in a particular place. Zoom in anywhere in the world to explore how forests are changing, how they’re managed and the values they provide. Layer data – like annual tree cover loss, land use data and satellite imagery – to better understand the underlying causes and impacts of forest change. You can embed a map view on another website, share via social media or email, or take a screenshot to use in a report.

The dashboards help answer important questions about forest change in any area and enable you to view hundreds of statistics through interactive charts and graphs, all derived from analysis of spatial data. Statistics can be customized to be as general or specific as you like and can be easily shared and downloaded for offline use.

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Who uses the map and dashboards?

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