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Analyze a Shape on the Map

1. Enter the GFW Interactive Map.

2. Turn on the data set with the area of interest you want to analyze (Note: You can analyze a shape within any data set that’s made up of individual polygons – e.g, tree plantations, mining concessions, protected areas, country data sets, etc.)

3. Turn on the Forest Change data layer you wish to analyze or subscribe to (e.g., tree cover loss).

4. Define the time period of your analysis by dragging the handles of the timeline or by selecting a time interval.

5. Click on the shape you want to analyze.

6. Click “Analyze” in the pop up window and the results will appear in the right hand side of the map. .

7. If you want to adjust the time period you are analyzing, simply drag the handles on the timeline or select a different time interval.

8. If you want to change the type of data, you can also choose a different data set under the Forest Change menu on the map. Your results will update immediately based on your selection.

9. You can then subscribe to the activated forest change alerts for the area by clicking the “Subscribe” button, download the data for your area of interest directly from the map (not available for all Forest Change data), or discard your analysis.

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