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Manage and Upload Data Sets

On the Forest Watcher website, you can select which contextual data layers you want to view in the mobile application.

1. Go to the Forest Watcher website and click on “Access Desktop App” at the bottom of the page. Log in with the same Facebook, Google, or Twitter account that you used to log in to the mobile app.

2. Click on the Settings tab at the top of the page.

3. Then click on “Layers”.

4. Here you will see all contextual data sets that you have chosen to view in the app. "Public layers" are data sets from Global Forest Watch that are included in the app by default. "Team layers" are data sets that you share with your team. "My layers" are layers that you add to view yourself.

5. On the right hand side you can select additional contextual layers from Global Forest Watch, such as oil palm and mining. Check the boxes next to layers you want to add, and choose whether you want to make them available for your team. Then click “ADD.”

6. To upload custom layers:

  • Click on "Custom layers" in the top right corner next to "GFW layers".
  • Add a title for your data layer.
  • Add the link to your data. The custom datasets feature works by linking tiles hosted on an external web service to Forest Watcher. Using that URL, the system will query the tile and receive the data related to your Areas of Interest. You can find out more about how this feature works by clicking the “i” icon.
  • Add a description for your custom data layer.
  • Check the box for “Add to team” if you want this layer to be available for your team.
  • Then click “ADD".

7. When you’re done selecting contextual layers, click on “DONE".

8. The contextual data layers will now show up in the mobile app the next time you open it and update the data.

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