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Monitor Alerts and Navigate to an Area

Once you have set up your area of interest, you can begin to investigate alerts.

1. Select one of your areas from the Forest Watcher home page to view it on the map along with the alert data you selected.

2. You will see alerts as pink pixels within your area. A circle with a number indicates the number of alerts in a location. Click on this circle to automatically zoom closer to the alerts.

3. To select an alert, click on a pixel and it will turn white. If there are other alerts nearby, they will show up as highlighted, suggesting that you consider them as a group. To unselect an alert, click on it again.

4. If you are near your area, you can start navigating towards an alert or location on the map. You will see a green circle on the screen showing your current location. Next to that circle you’ll see a white arrow indicating the direction you’re currently looking. Click on an alert or a location in your area to see how far away you are from it.

Note: You must allow Forest Watcher to access GPS/location data from your mobile device in order for this feature to work.

5. When you have selected an alert, you will see a “Report” button appear. Learn how to submit a report.

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