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Submit a Report

On Forest Watcher you can submit reports about what is happening in your area of interest. Provide photos and details by filling out a questionnaire. To submit a report for an alert or location:

1. Select one of your areas from the Forest Watcher home page to view it on the map along with the alert data you selected.

2. Click on an alert that you want to create a report for and a “Report” button will appear. If you click on an alert in a cluster of other alerts, you will also see an option to report on the whole group of alerts instead of just the alert you selected.

If you discover something while you are out in the field, you can also create a report for a location that does not have an alert. Just tap anywhere on the map screen and the “Report” button will appear.

3. Take a photo of the area or choose one from your photo library.

4. Complete each field as best as you can.

5. Review your report before you submit it. Once you’re ready, click “Save”. If you are not connected to the internet, the report will upload once you regain internet connection.

6. You can view all of your reports by clicking on “My reports” from the Forest Watcher home page.

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