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Kalimantan fire
Posted on October 5, 2014
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Map of the Week: Satellites Capture Past and Ongoing Fires Near Sampit, Indonesia

Posted on October 5, 2014
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By James Anderson Weeks after Indonesia’s Parliament voted to ratify a regional treaty to combat haze, forest and land-clearing fires continue to burn across the country. The animation below shows an area east of the city of Sampit in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. NASA’s Active Fire data indicates the presence of fires within the last 24 hours in an area of fields bordering extensive primary forests. Google high-resolution satellite basemaps, constructed from satellite images taken in recent months and years, also captured dramatic images of fires burning in the same area.

Fires Near Sampit Indonesia Click here to view this location on Global Forest Watch.

Indonesia’s national REDD+ Agency (BP REDD+) has been using satellite imagery and fire data, including the GFW Fires platform, to improve enforcement of anti-burning laws.

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