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While Puerto Rico’s People Still Suffer the Effects of Hurricane Maria, its Forests Are Faring Much Better

While Puerto Rico continues to recover from Hurricane Maria, El Yunque National Forest has largely rebounded. Photo by Jami430/Wikimedia Commons Puerto Rico is no stranger to extreme events. Throughout recorded history, the island has been in the eye path of more than 50 tropical storms. It’s still recovering from last year’s Hurricane Maria as the […]


Deforestation Is Accelerating, Despite Mounting Efforts to Protect Tropical Forests. What Are We Doing Wrong?

The 2017 tree cover loss numbers are in, and they’re not looking good. Despite a decade of intensifying efforts to slow tropical deforestation, last year was the second-highest on record for tree cover loss, down just slightly from 2016.  The tropics lost an area of forest the size of Vietnam in just the last two years. […]


Technical Blog: Comparing GFW’s 2017 tree cover loss data to official estimates in Brazil

New data on global tree cover loss shows a sustained record high in Brazil. At first glance, the University of Maryland data released on Global Forest Watch can seem to tell a different story than official national estimates. PRODES, the official Brazilian government forest monitoring system, reported 0.69 million hectares of loss in the Brazilian […]