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African savannah elephants in the Maasai Mara

Protecting Critical Forest Habitats in the Maasai Mara with Mara Elephant Project

Maasai Mara forests in Kenya are vital for communities and wildlife. Mara Elephant Project helps protect these forests with data from GFW.


Commodity Driven Tree Cover Loss in Congo May Be 10 Times Higher Than Previous Estimates

When forest degradation and destruction meet local communities who are simply feeding themselves or making their livelihoods, the case for forest preservation gets complicated. In Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly the Congo Basin, this pattern of clearing and regrowth for subsistence — dubbed shifting cultivation — is thought to have driven the majority of recent, extensive tree […]


How Does China’s Growing Overseas Investment Affect Africa’s Forests? 5 Things to Know

By Bo Li and Yaxin Yan China’s investments in Africa have exploded in recent years, with outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) stock growing from $1 billion in 2004 to more than $30 billion in 2014. Investment in forests—particularly the timber sector—is no different. China’s overseas forest project investments grew from eight in 2007 to 84 in […]


GFW User Profile: Craig Leisher

For this installment of GFW User Profiles, we spoke with Craig Leisher, Director of Monitoring and Evaluations in Africa for The Nature Conservancy. What organization do you work with and what do you do? I’m the director for Monitoring and Evaluations in Africa at The Nature Conservancy (TNC). My job is to measure socioeconomic and […]

Fires in Indonesia

The New York Declaration on Forests: What’s in it for Africa?

By Wanjira Mathai Restoration could boost food and water security, improve livelihoods, and curb climate change in some of the most vulnerable regions on Earth. Photo credit: teachandlearn, Flickr. As the public excitement subsides from the UN Climate Summit 2014, the hard work of turning commitments into reality begins. One of the most far-reaching of those commitments is the New […]

Woman carrying fuelwood, DRC

New French Satellite Imagery to Help Forest Management in the Congo Basin

By Pascal Douard and Craig Hanson The rainforests of Africa’s Congo Basin are vast—the world’s second largest—and one of the last bastions of a once-widespread system of intact, biodiverse, and carbon-rich forests. And they are increasingly one of the most threatened. Agriculture, mining, logging, and climate change are already chipping away and thinning out the forests’ edge […]