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Intense Forest Fires Season Threatens to Disrupt Indonesia’s Progress in Reducing Deforestation

Indonesia’s forest fires have made headlines globally over the past few weeks. This year’s forest fires have affected millions of people. Schools have closed in some areas due to unsafe levels of air pollution, while many people are suffering from respiratory illnesses. The haze has spread so far as to affect Singapore and Malaysia. While […]


Will the Start of Forest Fires Season Hamper Indonesia’s Progress in Reducing Deforestation?

Indonesia brought its deforestation rate down for the second year in a row in 2018 after experiencing record highs. This downward trend was a bright spot for the world’s forests: Tropical forests around the world lost 12 million hectares of trees in 2018 alone, an area of land the size of Belgium. However, with Indonesia’s […]


Leveraging the Power of the Crowd to Identify Illegal Land and Forest Fires in Indonesia

By Susan Minnemeyer The land and forest fires burning across Indonesia spiked to historic highs this month, causing a thick haze of toxic smoke that enveloped cities across Indonesia and neighboring countries. Officials across the region have pledged to investigate the perpetrators of these fires and hold those responsible accountable. A new campaign from Tomnod and WRI’s Global Forest Watch platform allows […]

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Land and Forest Fires in Indonesia Reach Crisis Levels

By Susan Minnemeyer, Tjokorda Nirarta “Koni” Samadhi and Nigel Sizer Fire alerts in Indonesia have spiked dramatically in recent days, surging even higher than the crisis-level outbreaks of June 2013, March 2014and November 2014. Satellite feeds shown on Global Forest Watch Fireshave recorded thousands of high-confidence fire alerts over the past two weeks, peaking at 1,189 on September 8th, exceeding the highest peaks […]

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Available in English here. Panggilan bagi seluruh pengguna Twitter! Global Forest Watch membutuhkan bantuan Anda untuk menunjukkan dampak kebakaran hutan dan lahan di Asia Tenggara melalui peta percakapan Twitter pada platform GFW Fires. Dengan menggunakan peta GFW Fires, Anda dapat melacak dan ikut serta dalam percakapan di Twitter melalui layanan media sosial kami menggunakan tweet […]


STATEMENT: Singapore’s New Haze Pollution Law “A New Way of Doing Business”

WASHINGTON (August 5, 2014)— Singapore’s Parliament passed the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act 2014 which allows regulators to prosecute companies and individuals that cause severe air pollution in Singapore by burning forests and peatlands in neighboring countries. The legislation was first proposed after fires in Indonesia spiked in June 2013, engulfing Singapore in haze. As the […]