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Logging roads in Papua province, Indonesia

Why Preserving Forest Integrity Is As Vital As Preventing Deforestation

Forest integrity – the health of remaining forests – is just as vital as preventing deforestation, but less than half of remaining forests have high integrity.


What are Primary Forests and Why Should We Protect Them?

Primary forests are some of the densest, wildest and most ecologically significant forests on Earth. They span the globe, from the snow-locked boreal region to the steamy tropics, though 75% of them can be found in just seven countries. But what sets these forests apart from your average backyard woodlands, making them so critical to […]


Placing Global Wildfires into Local Context

Spurred by the media attention surrounding fires burning in the Amazon, people are starting to wonder if this intense heat is a global trend. A first glance at the Global Forest Watch (GFW) Fires map shows an aggressive splash of fire alerts across the globe, giving the impression that half the world is on fire. […]

Intact Forest Definition

Infographic: World Intact Forest Landscapes, 2000-2013 Analysis

Today Greenpeace, the University of Maryland, and Transparent World, in collaboration with WRI and WWF-Russia released new analysis on the state of the world’s Intact Forest Landscapes. The interactive infographic below, designed by Ilona Zhuravleva and the team at Greenpeace Insternational, demonstrates the concept of Intact Forest Landscapes as well as key findings from the analysis. world […]