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New map header

Turning Over a New Leaf: GFW’s New Map Makes It Easier to Explore, Analyze and Customize Forest Data

Visitors to the Global Forest Watch map this week may have noticed some changes in the design. These changes go beyond what you see on the surface. The new map is faster, facilitates customization and makes exploring and analyzing forest data even easier. Not sure where to start? Use the new search and explore features While our diverse collection of data […]

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UPDATE: High-resolution satellite imagery is back on GFW

Since March, high resolution satellite imagery has been unavailable on Global Forest Watch while we switched service providers from UrtheCast to Sentinel Hub to ensure continued global coverage. We wanted to thank you for your patience during this process, and update you with the exciting news that you can now once again access high-resolution satellite imagery on GFW! View this spot on the GFW interactive map. Sentinel Hub provides the latest Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2 […]

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UPDATE: GLAD deforestation alerts temporarily on hold

As you may have noticed, the GLAD deforestation alerts have not updated for several weeks. We wanted to thank you for your patience and give you the latest on when the alerts are expected to be back online. When will GLAD alerts be back? The team at University of Maryland’s Global Land Analysis & Discovery […]


Customizing GFW made easy with Map Builder

By Thomas Maschler and Asa Strong WATCH OUR WEBINAR to learn how to use GFW Map Builder Open data enables communities and decisions makers around the world to engage in important societal and environmental issues. It increases transparency and informs actions that often affect livelihoods. But simply making data ‘open’ doesn’t guarantee change. To drive […]

GLAD Alerts

GLAD Alerts Under Construction

By Mikaela Weisse You may have noticed that there haven’t been any new visualizations or subscription emails for GFW’s GLAD tree cover loss alerts in the last few weeks – we’ve encountered a bug that’s preventing us from registering new alerts in our system. Basically, it’s a big data problem: the alerts are so numerous […]


How to Use the New PALM Risk Tool in 3 Easy Steps

By Octavia Payne Global Forest Watch Commodities just released the new PALM Risk Tool, which helps companies spot deforestation in their supply chain before it happens. This powerful new tool combines cutting edge geospatial data with an unprecedented dataset of 800 palm oil mills all around the world—with more being added constantly. Here are three […]

COMING SOON: VIIRS active fires subscriptions

We have new active fires data on Global Forest Watch! Read more about the higher resolution VIIRS active fires product and sign up below to be notified when you can add them to your MyGFW subscriptions.


Coming Soon: FORMA 250 to Improve Detail, Frequency and Accuracy

By Brookie Guzder-Williams, Mikaela Weisse and Rachael Petersen Global Forest Watch seeks to provide the timeliest and most accurate data on forest change. With this in mind, one of the first data sets we published was FORMA (FORest Monitoring for Action), a monthly, 500-meter resolution alert product that flags areas of forest in the humid […]

Andrew Steer and Matt Hansen at WEF

VIDEO: Matt Hansen and Andrew Steer Discuss the Future of Forests

Watch Dr. Matt Hansen, Professor at the University of Maryland, and Dr. Andrew Steer, President and CEO of World Resources Institute, discuss the future of forests. Data in this video is provided courtesy of the Berkeley Earth Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Google Earth Engine, NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the University of Maryland, […]


Introducing “My GFW” – A Customized Forest Monitoring Experience

By Karla Renschler An environmental protection officer in Brazil’s Amazonia region is responsible for enforcing forest conservation laws. Her team uses the Deforestation Alert System (Sistema de Alerta de Desmatamento or SAD) to investigate recent forest loss. She checks the Global Forest Watch website regularly for updates, but her job would be much easier if […]


GLAD Weekly Alerts and My GFW Profile Feature Coming Soon!

The GLAD alerts have launched! Read our announcement blog to learn about the new system and how partners are already using them. You can also now create your own GFW Profile for a customized forest monitoring experience. BANNER PHOTO: Land cleared for a tree plantation project in Kubu Raya district in West Kalimantan. Photo by […]


UrtheCast offers a high-resolution view of the world’s forests on Global Forest Watch

By Octavia Payne and Karla Renschler Today, UrtheCast became the latest company to lend its immense earth observation capacity to conservation efforts. In partnership with Global Forest Watch (GFW), UrtheCast is providing free access to high-resolution satellite imagery—15m pansharpened Landsat 8 imagery, 22m Deimos-1 imagery and 5m Theia imagery—through the GFW platform. The new GFW feature […]