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Posted on April 26, 2017
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UPDATE: GLAD deforestation alerts temporarily on hold

Posted on April 26, 2017
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As you may have noticed, the GLAD deforestation alerts have not updated for several weeks. We wanted to thank you for your patience and give you the latest on when the alerts are expected to be back online.

When will GLAD alerts be back?

The team at University of Maryland’s Global Land Analysis & Discovery (GLAD) lab expects to have GLAD alerts back and running over the next few months. Here is their best guess of the timeline by geography:

  • Peru: Back online in the next few weeks
  • Southeast Asia and Brazil: Back online in early summer (June or July)
  • Africa and Russia Far East: TBD

Why aren’t GLAD alerts updating?

The GLAD team is migrating the alerts system to Google Earth Engine. While this migration has temporarily interrupted the alerts, it will ensure greater dependability and regularity in the future. For example, Google Earth Engine will reduce the time between when satellite images are taken and when the alerts appear on GFW. Additionally, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) changed the format of Landsat images. The GLAD alert system analyzes Landsat images from the past three years to detect potential forest loss. Changes in the format of these images means the GLAD team has to recreate these three-year time series using the new image format and recalibrate their algorithms to ensure GLAD alerts remain accurate. These changes also contribute to the delay in updates.

Thank you for your patience

We appreciate your patience as we work with the GLAD team to get the alerts back online. The timelines described above are our best estimate and are subject to change, but we will post updates as we receive them. You can also follow updates on our discussion forum.

BANNER PHOTO: Education for future progress, Laxmi Magar studying during her holiday in Syang, Nepal. Asia Development Bank (Flickr).

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