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In 2001, Bali had 59.5 kha of primary forest*, extending over 11% of its land area. In 2022, it lost 53 ha of primary forest*, equivalent to 33.9 kt of CO₂ emissions. 107 kha of this loss was found to be within Indonesia’s official forest land cover classes and with a patch size larger than two hectares according to MoEF-WRI analysis.

*Much of the primary forest loss in Indonesia according to the GFW analysis is within areas that Indonesia classifies as secondary forest and other land cover (e.g., mixed dry land agriculture, estate crop, plantation forest, shrub and others). This is because the GFW primary forest definition is different than Indonesia’s official primary forest definition and classification. GFW’s statistics on loss of primary forests in Indonesia are therefore considerably higher than the official Indonesian statistics on deforestation in primary forest.

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