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GFW Pro is an online management application to help companies to use geospatial supply chain data to manage progress towards meeting deforestation commitments. The system provides analysis and dashboards available at the property, supply shed and portfolio levels, and utilizes best-in-class security protocols to ensure the integrity and security of all aspects of the system and its users’ data.

To access GFW Pro, you will need to request an organizational account. Once your account is active, you can add users and manage permissions, upload and analyze locations from your supply chain or investments, view detailed diagnostics for specific locations or for a list of locations, look at near real-time alerts and share reports with your colleagues.

If your organization is interested in using GFW Pro to minimize deforestation risks please submit an account request form to get started.

Companies or banks of any size can analyze and manage deforestation risk using GFW Pro.

Who uses GFW Pro?

Private sector