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MapBuilder helps you create a customized monitoring application by combining the spatial data on GFW with your own data.

MapBuilder helps you visualize and overlay spatial data to better understand what’s happening in a particular place, see information on map features – data, analysis features, satellite imagery and basemaps – at a glance and perform on-the-fly analyses to see statistics on how the data has changed over time. Areas created on a MapBuilder application will also be synced with My GFW area subscriptions and dashboards on the main GFW platform.

To use MapBuilder, you will need an ArcGIS Online account, offered as a free public account or a paid-for organizational account. Either account will give you access to MapBuilder, but there are a few differences that are important to note:

  • With a free public account, users can create and manage maps, apps and files and share them with others. You will also have access to content shared by other GIS users around the world. Public accounts are restricted to non-commercial use.
  • Organizational accounts provide more advanced web-mapping features designed for users that work within a group, team or organization. In addition to the public account features, organizational account users have private data and map sharing capabilities.

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