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Find Data in the Open Data Portal

There are four ways to find data in the ODP:

1. Search by keywords Click “Search for open data” on the right-hand side of the homepage (below the map) and type in your keywords, then click “Enter” to see a list of results in the lower portion of the page.

2. Search by category From the homepage, select a category of GFW data to view a list of related data sets.

3. Search by location Click “Search Within Map” on the right-hand side of the homepage and zoom to your area of interest on the map. Then click “Search for open data” and click “Enter” to view all data sets that are available in the defined area, or enter keywords to filter the results even further.

Additionally, you can select a country of interest from the “VIEW COUNTRY DATA” dropdown on the home-page to examine all data available for a particular country.

4. Find Related Content Once you select a dataset, you can find thematically related content from the suggested “related datasets” section at the bottom of a data set’s profile page.

Similar content can also be found by clicking on a tag from each dataset’s profile page to prompt a new search based on that tag.

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