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Download raster data from the open data portal

Raster refers to a type of spatial data, which defines space by pixels, or equally sized cells arranged by rows and columns. Each pixel contains a single attribute value and its coordinate location. Pixel values correspond to real-world features such as the year tree cover was lost, or the percent of canopy cover in that location.

Steps to download raster data in the ODP:

1. Find and open a raster data set in the Open Data Portal, for example, tree cover loss.

2. Since global data sets cannot be downloaded for the entire world, use the interactive web-map to zoom in on your area of interest. The extent of the web-map will determine the extent of your data, when downloaded.

3. Select "DOWNLOAD DATASET" and choose one of the data types under the “Download Filtered Dataset” section. The TIFF format is encoded with raster values and is spatially referenced so you can add it to a GIS.

4. Once you select a download format from the “DOWNLOAD DATASET” button, your download will begin. Download times may vary based on the size of your data request. Having trouble downloading a data set? Let us know!

Steps to Download Raster Data by Country:

The easiest way to download the tree cover loss raster data set for an entire country is to search for that country in the Open Data Portal. The GFW team is committed to making more of our global raster data sets downloadable by country.

1. From the Open Data Portal homepage navigate to the “VIEW COUNTRY DATA” search box.

2. Use the drop-down menu to select a country of interest. for example, Brazil.

3. In the search results page, select the tree cover loss data for that country (Brazil tree cover loss), and your download should start immediately.

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