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Compare Climate Statistics for Countries, Subnational Jurisdictions, and Areas of Interest

1. Navigate to theĀ Country Comparisons Page on GFW Climate.

2. Click on the first box to select a country from the drop down menu.

3. From here, you can also select a subnational jurisdiction or an area of interest, then click continue.

4. Select a country from the drop down menu to compare. Again, you can also choose a subnational jurisdiction or an area of interest.

5. The results displayed are a side-by-side comparison of the areas selected.

6. If you are looking for other indicators, click the Customize Report button on the top right.

7. Here you can select and deselect indicators to display. Selected indicators will appear in blue.

8. Within each indicator you can customize the data to change the view. To start, you can change the data displayed by selecting a different tab at the top of each indicator.

9. If you would like more information about the data, such as the methodology or citations, you can click on the info bubble located on the top right.

10. You can also customize the canopy density, the units, and the years displayed. If you make any changes to these items, your graph will update automatically.

11. To share the graph or download the data, use the icons on top of the widget.

12. If you would like to change your country selection, click in the box you would like to change and select a new country, jurisdiction or area of interest. Your results will update automatically.

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