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Explore Data in the Open Data Portal

1. Explore data on the map Once you have selected a data set, a map will load at the top of its profile page where you can view the data features (e.g., logging concession polygons). Hover over each feature to learn more about it, or click on a feature to view a complete list of attributes.

Using the menu on the bottom of the map, you can toggle between base map views, adjust the map size, zoom and search for geographic features.

2. Explore data details Key metadata for each data set is listed in the “Details” page in the ODP. Select “more” to view a summary of the data set, or learn about the data category under “About” by selecting the category name (e.g. “logging”).

3. Explore data tables Click the “Table” tab to preview a complete list of each data set’s attributes. You can filter or sort the table by attribute field or location using the options on the right-hand side of the table. For example, if you want to view data only for specific logging companies, you could sort the table by the “company” field.

To filter the data by location, select “Filter by Map View” from the right-hand side of the table. Using the map view, zoom in on an area of interest, and the data will dynamically filter in the map. In the example below, notice how the table is only displaying 12 of the 30,000 features.

4. Explore data charts The charts view provides a visually engaging way to understand GFW data. Select the attribute you want to display from the “Chart Table” drop-down menu, and stylize your chart with distinctive colors. Like the chart you made? You can embed the chart in a website by copying the iframe html code.

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