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Visualize Water Data

1. Navigate to theĀ Global Forest Watch Water map.

2. Use the panel on the right-hand side of the map to analyze a major watershed or a custom subwatershed (see Analyze Watershed Risk tutorial).

3. Use the toggle buttons to select the data layers you want to display. Tree cover loss and tree cover gain data are displayed by default.

4. Click on the information icons in the data legend to learn more about each data layer. This includes information such as data resolution, source, cautions, and a link to download the data.

5. For data layers that span a time series, you can adjust the time period displayed on the map using the date selection buttons.

6. For the tree cover loss and tree cover data layers you can adjust the tree canopy density using the highlighted percent canopy density button.

7. The case studies data layer allows you to click on individual data points to view additional information.

8. Zoom in and out, share your map view, hide the windows, change your basemap and find your current location using the buttons located on the bottom right-hand side of the map.

9. Move your cursor over the map to see watersheds around the world outlined in blue.

Learn how to Analyze watershed risk on the map.

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