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Want to create a version of the Global Forest Watch map, featuring your own data? MapBuilder is an easy to use tool which enables users to combine their own datasets with GFW’s cutting-edge data and analysis tools.

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Compelling data
Compelling data

Combine GFW datasets, dozens of layers available through ArcGIS Online and your own uploaded data.

Powerful analysis
Powerful analysis

Leverage GFW’s powerful geospatial analysis tools including tree cover loss, land cover composition and GLAD alert analysis.

Proven platform
Proven platform

MapBuilder integrates with both organizational and free public ArcGIS Online accounts as an application template.

Broad reach
Broad reach

Applications can be deployed as stand-alone websites, embedded into your website or shared using integrated social media tools.

Start building your GFW MapBuilder

Here's your 1-2-3 guide on getting started.


Step-by-step tutorials and videos teach you how to set up an ArcGIS Online account, create your MapBuilder and share your map online. Tutorials are available for both public and organization ArcGIS accounts.


Add data layers to your ArcGIS Online webmap and combine your data with GFW data layers using the GFW MapBuilder application template.


Easily embed your MapBuilder into your own website, share the link with colleagues and peers or use integrated social media tools for sharing.

Featured maps

A hand-picked selection of GFW maps and applications built by our user community. Imagine your map or app here!


Just getting started? Or need some help? Our tutorials will get you pointed in the right direction.