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Smart Patrol Punggurawan_Camp Punggurawan_06062024_MUF_091 (4)
Jun 25, 2024|Users In Action|10 minutes

Small Grants, Big Impact: Meet the 2024 Recipients Driving Change with Global Forest Watch

Learn about 11 organizations in 10 countries who will tailor GFW tools and data to confront deforestation within their forests.

2023 Tech Camp organized by RFUS – workshop in Iquitos, Peru. Credit RFUS
Jun 10, 2024|Users In Action|8 minutes

Indigenous Communities in the Peruvian Amazon Protect their Forest Heritage with MapBuilder 

Indigenous leaders in Peru are using MapBuilder to manage deforestation data in their territories and defend their ancestral forests.

May 29, 2024|Users In Action|

Voices of Global Forest Watch: Vinicius Silgueiro, Instituto Centro de Vida

As part of our Voices of Global Forest Watch series, learn about Vinicius Silgueiro’s work with Brazilian nonprofit Instituto Centro de Vida.

Mar 27, 2024|Users In Action|

Voices of Global Forest Watch: Justice Camillus Mensah, Hen Mpoano 

As part of our Voices of Global Forest Watch series, watch and read about Justice Camillus Mensah’s work with Ghana nonprofit Hen Mpoano.

AMPA volunteer using Forest Watcher
Nov 28, 2023|Users In Action|8 minutes

Forest Guardians in Action: Amazónicos por la Amazonía Tackles Environmental Crimes with GFW

GFW Small Grants Fund recipient AMPA is working with communities and authorities to to verify and raise awareness of environmental crimes.

Suriname forests
Nov 20, 2023|Users In Action|

Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Are Using Satellite Data to Fight Deforestation

Communities are increasingly using tools like GFW to gather evidence of deforestation and degradation on their lands and take legal action.