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Jun 20, 2019|Users In Action|6 minutes

Announcing GFW’s 2019 Tech Fellows and Small-Grant Recipients

Global Forest Watch (GFW) is excited to announce the 2019 Tech Fellows and Small Grants Fund recipients. Both these programs provide funding to individuals and organizations using GFW tools to monitor and protect forests. The Tech Fellowship gives individuals the technical skills to implement a forest monitoring project and share their knowledge with others in […]

Girl Reading News Roundup
Oct 16, 2017|Data and Research|2 minutes

UPDATE: GLAD deforestation alerts are back

We are happy to report that the weekly GLAD deforestation alerts from the University of Maryland are back online for the Amazon, Central Africa and insular southeast Asia. They’re available for the following countries: Amazon Central Africa Southeast Asia Brazil Burundi Brunei Peru Cameroon Indonesia Central African Republic Malaysia Democratic Republic of the Congo Papua […]

Sep 21, 2016|Data and Research|3 minutes

Terra-i expansion fills important gap in near real-time forest monitoring

By Mikaela Weisse It is crucial to learn about tree cover loss as early as possible if we wish to stop it. However, when we took down the monthly FORMA alert system in April, we were left with only annually updated information for all but a few countries. Today, Global Forest Watch is closing the […]

Amazon – Brazil, 2011.©Neil Palmer/CIAT
Aug 30, 2016|Map of the Week|2 minutes

Map of the Week: GLAD Alerts show recent loss in Brazil’s Jamanxim National Park

By Sofia Soto Reyes Parrot in the Amazon, Brazil. Source: Neil Palmer/CIAT for Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR/Flickr). License available here. The Amazon Rainforest is home to one-tenth of all plant and animal species on the planet and produces one-fifth of all the oxygen we breathe. Monitoring and protecting such a rich natural resource […]

Aug 24, 2016|Data and Research|7 minutes

A Closer Look at the Brazil GLAD Alerts

By Mikaela Weisse Today, Global Forest Watch released a new forest monitoring system for Brazil called the GLAD alerts (named after the Global Land Analysis and Discovery lab at the University of Maryland). Brazil is certainly not new to the idea of monitoring forests via satellite, which may leave some users wondering about what this […]

GLAD Alerts
Jul 22, 2016|Uncategorized|1 minute

GLAD Alerts Under Construction

By Mikaela Weisse You may have noticed that there haven’t been any new visualizations or subscription emails for GFW’s GLAD tree cover loss alerts in the last few weeks – we’ve encountered a bug that’s preventing us from registering new alerts in our system. Basically, it’s a big data problem: the alerts are so numerous […]