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Nov 16, 2016|Climate|3 minutes

3 new features on GFW Climate measure progress on forest conservation goals

By Nancy Harris and Carolyn Ciciarelli Since GFW Climate launched in Paris last December, we have been hard at work to move users beyond just viewing pixels on a map to better understanding how those pixels translate to real world impacts on international climate change mitigation efforts. GFW Climate has released three new features that […]

Dec 04, 2015|Climate|5 minutes

New Climate Commitments on Forests and Land Will Reduce Emissions by 2%, but More Needed

By Fred Stolle, Taryn Fransen, Ranping Song, Hana Biru, James Anderson and Octavia Payne As countries refine their national commitments (called INDCs) presented at the climate negotiations under way in Paris, it is important to think beyond power plants and automobiles. Forestry, agriculture and other land use represent more than 20 percent of global emissions, and are […]

Nov 30, 2015|Climate|3 minutes

PARTNER POST: REDDy or not? Find out with GFW Climate

By Jamie Gibson We’re very happy to announce our latest addition to the GFW family: GFW Climate! Working closely with the crew at WRI, we’ve created a bespoke application so you can analyse carbon emissions resulting from deforestation. Back in June we promised you compelling, intuitive visualizations that bring forest carbon data to life: take a look and tell […]

Jun 09, 2015|Climate|3 minutes

GFW Climate: Global Forest Watch developing new app to track carbon emissions from forest change

By Nancy Harris and Jamie Gibson By the time climate negotiators sit down at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conference in Paris this December, a new GFW app will enable anyone to visualise the climate impacts of tropical deforestation. Global Forest Watch (GFW) and Vizzuality have teamed up once again, this time […]

May 08, 2015|Data and Research|4 minutes

Protecting Indonesia’s forests is a key issue for Paris climate talks

By Nirarta “Koni” Samadhi and Nigel Sizer If we are serious about tackling climate change, we need to talk about Indonesia. While it may not be the country with the highest emissions from energy or industry, what Indonesia does have is forests, and lots of them. Many of the country’s more than 13,000 islands are blanketed by vast green […]

Girl Reading News Roundup
Jan 05, 2015|News Roundups|4 minutes

Global Forest Watch News Roundup: Week of January 5

GFW News Roundup: Forest stories from around the world that demonstrate the power of spatial analysis and open data in improving management of forest landscapes To learn more about GFW, a dynamic online forest monitoring and alert system, click here, or follow us on twitter at @globalforests. Top Reads of the Week Forest clearance has […]