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Jul 05, 2024|Forest Insights|

The Forest Monitoring Story Behind a Cup of Gayo Coffee

To meet the global demand for Arabica coffee, effective monitoring systems are essential to both protect forests and ensure we can continue to enjoy Gayo coffee.

Ripe Cocoa pods from a cocoa farm in Ghana.
Feb 14, 2024|Data & Tools|

Ending Deforestation from Cocoa in West Africa with New Data-Driven Resources

Two new data-driven resources provide a shared view of priority areas in West Africa and can help realize a a deforestation-free cocoa sector.

Timber logging
Nov 13, 2023|Data & Tools|12 minutes

Monitoring Forest Degradation for the EU Deforestation Regulation Using GFW

Under the EUDR, wood products entering the EU market must be degradation-free. Tools like GFW can help companies monitor for degradation.

Oil palm plantation
Jun 23, 2023|Data & Tools|10 minutes

3 Ways Global Forest Watch Can Support the EU Law on Deforestation-free Supply Chains

Companies and others can use satellite data to help establish whether commodities are deforestation-free as required under the EUDR.

Dec 03, 2021|Forest Insights|11 minutes

The Commodity Report: Soy Production’s Impact on Forests in South America

The combination of new data on soy production with annual tree cover loss shows sustainable soy production will require a holistic approach

Stripped earth at an Arco Minero gold mine in Venezuela.
Mar 25, 2021|Users In Action|6 minutes

Venezuelan People and Forests Suffer as Gold Mining Advances

The Arco Minero — a massive gold mining operation — has threatened Venezuela’s forests and the Indigenous communities that live there.