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overview of a river in Pantanal, Brazil
Apr 04, 2024|Insights|

Tropical Forest Loss Drops Steeply in Brazil and Colombia, but High Rates Persist Overall

Despite progress in some countries, the rate of tropical primary forest loss in 2023 remained persistent, according to new data from UMD on GFW.

An aerial shot shows the contrast between forest and agricultural landscapes near Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil.
Jun 27, 2023|Insights|13 minutes

Tropical Primary Forest Loss Worsened in 2022, Despite International Commitments to End Deforestation

Tropical primary forest loss was 10% higher in 2022 than in 2021 despite international commitments, according to new data on GFW.

Apr 28, 2022|Insights|11 minutes

Forest Loss Remained Stubbornly High in 2021

2021 tree cover loss data reveals that the tropics lost 11.1 million hectares of tree cover in 2021 — including 3.75 million hectares within tropical primary rainforests, equivalent to a rate of 10 football pitches a minute.

GLAD deforestation alerts in Central Africa, 2015-2020
Jan 04, 2021|Data|3 minutes

Use of GLAD Alerts Led to 18% Reduction in Deforestation in Monitored African Forests

A recent study shows that using GLAD deforestation alerts to monitor forests correlates with reduced forest losses—by at least 18% in Africa.

Mar 25, 2020|Insights|5 minutes

Commodity Driven Tree Cover Loss in Congo May Be 10 Times Higher Than Previous Estimates

When forest degradation and destruction meet local communities who are simply feeding themselves or making their livelihoods, the case for forest preservation gets complicated. In Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly the Congo Basin, this pattern of clearing and regrowth for subsistence — dubbed shifting cultivation — is thought to have driven the majority of recent, extensive tree […]

Aug 08, 2018|Data|5 minutes

Tracking Deforestation in DRC’s Forest Concessions Is Complicated

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) contains more than half of the remaining Congo Basin rainforest, the second-largest tropical forest on Earth. These forests are increasingly threatened by slash-and-burn agriculture and logging for timber, charcoal and fuelwood. While most logging is carried out by small or medium-sized operators, industrial forest concessions cover 7 percent of […]