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Logging in Brittany, France
Jun 18, 2024|Forest Insights|

4 Growing Threats to Europe’s Forests: Logging, Bioenergy, Wildfires and Pests

This year’s tree cover loss data shows that Europe’s forests face increasing pressures including logging, wildfires, insect outbreaks and wood harvesting to meet changing energy demands.

Forest in Sweden
Nov 22, 2023|Forest Insights|6 minutes

Timber Harvesting and Climate Change Are Depleting Europe’s Mature Forests

A new study found that important tall, mature forests are declining in some parts of Europe due to timber harvesting and climate change.

Timber logging
Nov 13, 2023|Data & Tools|12 minutes

Monitoring Forest Degradation for the EU Deforestation Regulation Using GFW

Under the EUDR, wood products entering the EU market must be degradation-free. Tools like GFW can help companies monitor for degradation.

Jan 24, 2019|Users In Action|5 minutes

Using Maps, This Community Fought a logging Company and Won

The air is filled with the distinctive smell of burned wood in the tiny village of Sabue, tucked away in the crescent of the foothills of the Caucasus mountains. Misho Keinoshvili and his father chop wood for the wood burner to heat their house, while the sound of running water from the outside sink murmurs […]

Aug 08, 2018|Data & Tools|5 minutes

Tracking Deforestation in DRC’s Forest Concessions Is Complicated

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) contains more than half of the remaining Congo Basin rainforest, the second-largest tropical forest on Earth. These forests are increasingly threatened by slash-and-burn agriculture and logging for timber, charcoal and fuelwood. While most logging is carried out by small or medium-sized operators, industrial forest concessions cover 7 percent of […]

Feb 16, 2018|Users In Action|12 minutes

PARTNER POST: Indigenous people of Maranhão seek to break with the rest of society

Piero Locatelli is from Alto Turiaçu Indigenous Land Disponible en portugués aquí. In one of the poorest regions of the country, the Ka’apor tired of waiting for help and decided to break with the society of Karaís, as non-indigenous call it. For years they have driven loggers out of their land. They do this with their own hands […]