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Introducing the 2018 GFW Tech Fellows

GFW is pleased to announce the five fellows who will form the first-ever GFW Tech Fellowship! These individuals, selected from over 350 applicants, will collaborate with GFW over the next five months on projects that use innovative technologies to improve forest monitoring efforts. These fellows represent a range of sectors including government, civil society and […]

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Places to Watch: 3 Regions of Forest at Risk Right Now

Places to Watch is an initiative that uses weekly GLAD alerts on Global Forest Watch to spot changes in forests around the globe and identify the most consequential cases of recent deforestation. By pairing deforestation alerts with expert interpretation of satellite imagery, credible descriptions of what is happening on the ground and resources to learn more, […]

Forest land allocation in Cameroon

With its Sahelian north and dense tropical rainforest south, Cameroon is a land of diversity and transition. A combination of either dense or mosaic forest landscapes covers about 60 percent of the nearly 47 million hectare country. These productive forest ecosystems provide services and sustenance either directly or indirectly to millions of people. Interactions between […]