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A community group in Aceh, Indonesia uses Forest Watcher to monitor deforestation

VIDEO: Patrol the Leuser Ecosystem with Forest Defenders at HAkA

It’s the last place on Earth where orangutans, Sumatran rhinos and elephants and tigers still roam wild together, and it’s under threat. The Leuser ecosystem in Indonesia is a hotspot for biodiversity and a vital carbon sink, but encroachment from logging and oil palm and rubber plantations is eating away at the forest. Forest, Nature and Environment of Aceh (HAkA), an organization dedicated to protecting the environment in Indonesia’s […]

Indigenous community in Peru tests out the Forest Watcher Mobile App

Forest Watcher Improves Offline Functions for Frontline Forest Defenders

Forest Watcher is designed to serve forest monitors at work in the field. New updates to the app make that easier than ever.

Deforestation event in Kinniya Sri Lanka, detected by Forest Watcher

Satellite Data Helps Sri Lankan Forest Officers Patrol During Pandemic, at a Safe Distance

Covid-19 gave illegal loggers an opportunity to encroach on protected forests in Sri Lanka. Forest Watcher is helping keep them at bay.


The Madagascar Opportunity: Protecting One Island’s Dual Forests

To the outside eye Madagascar is an island known for majestic baobab trees, quality vanilla and charismatic Lemurs leaping through the trees. However, the forests of Madagascar also represent a complex and biodiverse landscape that encompasses not only nature, but also the 26 million people of the island. WRI Madagascar has been working to protect […]


Amapá Police Use Forest Watcher to Defend the Brazilian Amazon

On the morning of June 8th, Chief of Police for the state of Amapá in Brazil, Leonardo Brito, and his field team set out for a remote patch of the Amazon in search of deforestation. They were following the guidance of a team member stationed back at their base, verifying an area that had come […]


Early Warning Systems for Deforestation: An Explainer

Identifying illegal forest activities using traditional methods such as foot patrols can be time consuming, expensive and often ineffective at stopping clearing before it’s too late. But thanks to recent technological advancements, we can detect forest disturbances more quickly than ever. Authorities can now prioritize areas for investigation and enforcement using satellite data to rapidly […]


Smartphones and Satellite Imagery: Indigenous Communities’ Solution to Protect the Peruvian Rainforest

This article is the first of a series of blog posts produced with the Rainforest Foundation US. The series covers a training initiative for more than 36 indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon to use Global Forest Watch’s satellite and monitoring technologies for combating deforestation. Read the rest of the series here.  Once remote […]


PODCAST: How an App Saves Chimpanzees in Uganda

When Dr. Jane Goodall began studying East Africa’s chimpanzees in the early 1960s, she used a pencil, binoculars and a notebook to capture her discoveries in the forests of our closest living relatives. When Dr. Goodall realized these forests and the precious chimpanzees were in danger, she knew something needed to be done. Fast forward […]

Photo by HAkA 2

GLAD Alerts Help Protect Sumatra’s Leuser Rainforest Ecosystem

Indonesia’s Leuser Ecosystem, on Sumatra’s northern end, is the world’s third-largest rainforest after South America’s Amazon and Africa’s Congo. Spread across 6.5 million acres (over 2.6 million hectares), the Leuser rainforest and surrounding ecosystem is the last place on Earth where rhinos, elephants, tigers, sun bears and orangutans live in the wild. Orangutans in Indonesia. […]


Forest Watcher Brings Data Straight to Environmental Defenders

By Rachael Petersen, Lilian Pintea and Liz Bourgault Photo by the Jane Goodall Institute. Obed Kareebi, a ranger with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, marches through the dense forests of Kibale National Park in Uganda, an area with one of the highest concentrations of primates in the world. While the park is better protected than many […]


No Service? No Problem. Bringing online forest monitoring tools offline and into the field

By Octavia Payne and Alyssa Barrett Orangutan family in Gunung Leuser National Park. Photo by Pedoman Wisata It’s another steamy day in Sumatra, one of Indonesia’s largest islands known for its tropical, richly forested landscapes. Throughout the 792,000 hectares (1.9 million acres) of Gunung Leuser National Park roam lone patrollers looking for poaching and other […]