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With Latest Fires Crisis, Indonesia Surpasses Russia as World’s Fourth-Largest Emitter

By Nancy Harris, Susan Minnemeyer, Nigel Sizer, Sarah Alix Mann and Octavia Payne New analysis reveals even more troubling news about Indonesia’s fires crisis. Emissions from this year’s fires have reached 1.62 billion metric tons of CO2—bumping Indonesia from the sixth-largest emitter in the world up to the fourth-largest in  just six weeks. The analysis […]

Fires in Indonesia

Land and Forest Fires in Indonesia Reach Crisis Levels

By Susan Minnemeyer, Tjokorda Nirarta “Koni” Samadhi and Nigel Sizer Fire alerts in Indonesia have spiked dramatically in recent days, surging even higher than the crisis-level outbreaks of June 2013, March 2014and November 2014. Satellite feeds shown on Global Forest Watch Fireshave recorded thousands of high-confidence fire alerts over the past two weeks, peaking at 1,189 on September 8th, exceeding the highest peaks […]


Indonesia’s Forest Fires Reignite, Threatening Protected Areas and Peatlands

By Lisa Johnston, Tjokorda Nirarta “Koni” Samadhi, Susan Minnemeyer and Nigel Sizer Extreme haze caused by forest and bush fires throughout Sumatra and Kalimantan, Indonesia has been a perpetual problem affecting the quality of life and economy of local residents and neighboring countries. As this year’s dry season approaches, the fires are just starting to pick up, especially in the fire-prone […]

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Tandai lokasi (geotag) tweet anda

Available in English here. Panggilan bagi seluruh pengguna Twitter! Global Forest Watch membutuhkan bantuan Anda untuk menunjukkan dampak kebakaran hutan dan lahan di Asia Tenggara melalui peta percakapan Twitter pada platform GFW Fires. Dengan menggunakan peta GFW Fires, Anda dapat melacak dan ikut serta dalam percakapan di Twitter melalui layanan media sosial kami menggunakan tweet […]


Tomnod platform harnesses the power of the crowd to fight Indonesian fires

By Rachael Petersen Ultra-high resolution satellite imagery is helping us see the world more clearly than ever before. And now, thanks to Digital Globe, anyone can go online and help Global Forest Watch use those images to identify fires threatening landscapes and lives in Southeast Asia. Each year, forest and land fires rage across Indonesia, […]


STATEMENT: Singapore’s New Haze Pollution Law “A New Way of Doing Business”

WASHINGTON (August 5, 2014)— Singapore’s Parliament passed the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act 2014 which allows regulators to prosecute companies and individuals that cause severe air pollution in Singapore by burning forests and peatlands in neighboring countries. The legislation was first proposed after fires in Indonesia spiked in June 2013, engulfing Singapore in haze. As the […]

Fires in Indonesia

Fires in Indonesia Spike to Highest Levels Since June 2013 Haze Emergency

By Nigel Sizer, James Anderson, Fred Stolle, Susan Minnemeyer, Mark Higgins, Andrew Leach and Ariana Alisjahbana Bacalah posting blog dalam Bahasa Indonesia di sini. In early March 2014, forest and peat fires in Indonesia’s Riau province, on the island of Sumatra, spiked to levels not seen since the previous Southeast Asian haze crisis of June […]

Fires in Indonesia

ASEAN Leaders Can Act to Reduce Fires and Haze

By Fred Stolle, Nigel Sizer, Ariana Alisjahbana, James Anderson, Kemen Austin and Andika Putraditama Less than four months ago, millions of people across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia were choking on theworst air pollution ever recorded in Southeast Asia as hundreds of fires burned across Sumatra. The fires caused serious damage, eliciting apublic health emergency, closing schools and harming tourism and other businesses. This week […]

Fires in Indonesia

Fire Alerts Spike in Indonesia as Risk of Haze Crisis Returns

By Nigel Sizer, James Anderson, Fred Stolle and Ariana Alisjahbana Bacalah posting blog dalam Bahasa Indonesia di sini Fires are flaring up once more on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Media reports in the region indicate that the resulting smog has already reached unhealthy levels over parts of Indonesia and Malaysia. New fire alert data from NASA, analyzed by WRI as part of an […]