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overview of a river in Pantanal, Brazil
Apr 04, 2024|Insights|

Tropical Forest Loss Drops Steeply in Brazil and Colombia, but High Rates Persist Overall

Despite progress in some countries, the rate of tropical primary forest loss in 2023 remained persistent, according to new data from UMD on GFW.

Aerial footage of palm oil and the forest in Sentabai Village, West Kalimantan, 2017.
Apr 04, 2024|Data|6 minutes

Global Forest Watch’s 2023 Tree Cover Loss Data Explained

New data shows persistent primary forest loss in 2023. What does the data measure and how does it compare to other official estimates of deforestation?

Mar 27, 2024|People|4 minutes

Voices of Global Forest Watch: Justice Camillus Mensah, Hen Mpoano 

As part of our Voices of Global Forest Watch series, watch and read about Justice Camillus Mensah’s work with Ghana nonprofit Hen Mpoano.

Ripe Cocoa pods from a cocoa farm in Ghana.
Feb 14, 2024|Data|10 minutes

Ending Deforestation from Cocoa in West Africa with New Data-Driven Resources

Two new data-driven resources provide a shared view of priority areas in West Africa and can help realize a a deforestation-free cocoa sector.

Suriname forests
Nov 20, 2023|People|

Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Are Using Satellite Data to Fight Deforestation

Communities are increasingly using tools like GFW to gather evidence of deforestation and degradation on their lands and take legal action.  

Aerial view of the Amazon Rainforest
Jan 18, 2024|Data|8 minutes

Comparing Forest Extent in 2020 from Global Forest Watch and the Forest Resources Assessment

This blog compares the forest extent in 2020 for data from UMD on GFW and the FAO Forest Resources Assessment and explains the differences.

Side by side comparison of UMD tree cover loss and JRC Tropical Moist Forest data
Jan 08, 2024|Data|10 minutes

Differences Between Global Forest Watch’s Tree Cover Loss Data and JRC’s Tropical Moist Forest Data Explained

We explain key differences between two data sets that track forest change in the tropics: UMD tree cover loss and JRC Tropical Moist Forest.